Rosie’s Diner Buns

The quintessential burger bun. Made by hand to a traditional recipe, and finished off with a dusting of flour. Winner of the French Snacking D’or Grand Prix award.

  • Diner Bun Mini

  • Diner Bun Medium

  • Diner Bun Large

Rosie’s Brioche Buns

Our handmade brioche is slightly sweet and wonderfully buttery. We finish off our brioche buns with a glossy egg wash, applied by hand and pre-slice them for your convenience.

  • Brioche Mini

  • Brioche Large

Rosie’s Hot Dog Buns

Using a recipe based on our famous Diner Buns, Rosie’s hot dog buns are hand formed and split along the top, to keep all of your tasty fillings safely tucked inside.

  • Sesame Hot Dog

  • Plain Hot Dog