Do you fancy some bagels with your cream cheese?


As a New Yorker, I’m always a bit disappointed with the sparse “smear” of

cream cheese I get when I order bagels on this side of the Atlantic.  I’m
used to being given copious amounts of cream cheese on my bagels. That’s the
way it is in New York. Cream cheese isn’t just a “compliment to a bagel.”
It’s a marriage! Think of it this way, if Jay Z is a bagel, then Beyoncé is
the cream cheese. And who would Jay Z be without Beyoncé?!


I recently brought some of my Works bagels around to my sister’s. We toasted them, got
out the old ice cream scoop for the cream cheese and had ourselves a little
feast. Her hubby walked in and said, “Uh…do you fancy some bagels with your
cream cheese?” We just smiled and shook our heads. He doesn’t get it. It’s a
New York thing.